The Top 4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the right web hosting is essential for your businesses success. You rely on your website to showcase your products, generate leads, be a platform for your content. In this day and age, it’s rare for a business to not have a fairly major reliance on their online presence to drive success.

While there’s a lot more than web hosting that factors into this success, a good web host is the foundation on which you can build the other pillars of your business.

The Type Of Hosting

Hosting providers often have an entire suite of options that you can choose from, but there are two basic types of hosting.

  • Shared Hosting is where you share the server with other websites. They are usually less expensive, but a little slower that the alternative. Think of them as the youth hostels of the web hosting world.
  • Dedicated Hosting is where you have one server all to yourself. They are more expensive, but can be faster and more secure. Think of them as the luxury hotels of the web hosting world.


What is their uptime percentage? Do they offer any guarantees about downtime? Downtime is obviously bad for business. If customer’s cant access your products or content you are likely to lose sales. Every minute you lose to downtime could be the difference between getting a sale or a lead, or not. Don’t accept less than 99% uptime.

Customer Support

If something does go wrong, you’ll want to be sure that you can get through to somebody that will help you as quickly as possible. Check around to see what other clients have said about the support they’ve received to understand the level of service that you can expect.


The price is obviously a huge deciding factor in which web host you choose. However, scrimping here can have a negative impact on your business if you are prioritizing cost over the reliability and suitability of the provider.

It’s a false economy to choose a super-cheap provider if you lose in sales and leads more than you saved on web hosting. If your budget is limited, look for the host with best uptime percentage and client feedback that you can afford.

Essentially, before deciding on the web host you want, make a list of what is important to you. What are the priorities for your business? Can you manage with more downtime for a lower price because you don’t get a lot of traffic? Or are you a high-traffic e-commerce site that needs the security of great customer support and minimal downtime?

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